On-line Registration


For On-line registration please click here

For Direst Phone Reservations Please Call 098-963-0088
18 and older is considered an adult, 1 Adult can escort 2 children maximum at any time
There is a minimum height requirement of 56″ (140cm) and a maximum weight limit
of 287lb (130kg)
Payment for Forest Adventure Park is in Japanese Yen Only no Credit Cards or Dollars accepted.

For Price Listing please click here

Forest Adventure Golden Rules click here


Your Reservation is very important too us and we want you to enjoy your time here at Forest Adventure
and come back too visit us again.
In order for all our customers to enjoy their time here with us we need all our customers to
practice proper reservation etiquette and arrive for your reservation 30 minutes prior to
your reserved time slot so we can get you thru our registration process and up to the
Forest Adventure Park.
If you arrive late for your reservation this causes unnecessary delays for you and other Forest
Adventure customers who have reserved their time.
In order to prevent this you will be asked to wait for the next available time slot, if you are a
large group of 8 or more we may have to break your group into smaller groups to get you
thru the Adventure Park
If there are no time slots available you may lose your reservation for the day and will not be
able to participate in the Forest Adventure Park

Thank You for your cooperation
Forest Adventure Staff

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